Since the Campaign Kick Off held on February 27TH the campaign has gathered more than 3,000 email contacts, and garnered tremendous support through endorsements from elected & appointed officials, community leaders, labor unions, and house meet-and-greets.

Right now, we continue to need your help to reach our fundraising goals. All donation levels $5, $10, $20 or up to $500 toward the campaign are great!   No contribution is too small! Please help us reach our goal by contributing here.


Thursday, April 21st – Mike McGuire for State Senate Spring Celebration; Thursday, April 24th – Wysocky Fundraiser Candidate Curtis Byrd pictured with Ernie Carpenter and 5th Assembly District Candidate John Lowry at the Gary Wysocky event for Auditor, Controller, Treasurer and Tax Collector. Thursday, May 1st — Jordan Burns Campaign Kick Off for Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees.

mcguire and byrd  Byrd, Carpenter and Candiate 2nd Assembly District Candidate John Lowery  ????????

Big props to the Bridge to the Future Rites of Passage committee for graduating its 14TH class of students ages 14-18 and the4 SAY fundraiser where they raised $330K for the new Dream Center. We also participated at the ACLU luncheon and the Roseland Cinco de May Festival.

So, to make sure that you continue stay up-to-date with what’s going on and to have the chance to discuss it with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter, here’s what you can do:

Stay tuned for the Save-The-Date email blast with two more fun fundraising experiences coming in June. We hope you’ll follow along and stay connected! 

For more information about the campaign or to make a donation, endorsement, or volunteer, visit our website:

Thanks for staying in contact!

Signature Curtis




Proudly paid for by Friends of Curtis Byrd for Santa Rosa City Council 2014. — FPPC#1361367

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