Sonoma County Conservation Action Endorses Curtis Byrd

We are continuing to Make a Difference in our community!  Volunteers, contributions and endorsements continue to come from all sectors.

I am honored to receive the endorsement and support of my candidacy for Santa Rosa City Council from Sonoma County Conservation Action.

scca_logo_final_color ST[2]

I truly appreciate their endorsement and I am humbled by their support. I hope you will join them in supporting my campaign for Santa Rosa City Council. Other elected officials and community leaders on our endorsement list.

Come on out from 3-5pm on Thursday, August 28th and join Friends of CURTIS BYRD at Legends Bennett Valley and enjoy some fabulous wine from Crinella Vineyard, BBQ hors d’oeuvres and the latest local developed delight Wild California Crisps.

We continue to need your help to reach our fundraising goal of $35K. You can give at all donation levels $5, $10, $20 or up to $500 toward the Make a Difference campaign!   Please help us reach our goal by contributing here.

Let’s continue to keep up the good work and maintain the momentum all the way to November 4, 2014.

In an attitude of gratitude!

Signature Curtis

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