Cardinals for Curtis Byrd

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Curtis Byrd for Santa Rosa City Council

Many of us were Cardinal Newman classmates and are lifelong friends of Curtis Byrd. We know and trust Curtis’ judgment, work ethic and commitment to Santa Rosa. While on the Santa Rosa Planning Commission, we have seen Curtis study complex issues, listen with an open mind to those on all sides and reach an agreement.

Like you, we care deeply about Santa Rosa’s future. Like you we are business and professional leaders, community members and volunteers. We stand with Curtis in his bid to serve on the Santa Rosa City Council.

Please join us in supporting Curtis Byrd!

Aaron Robinson

Bill McNeany

Brien Farrell

Carey Bertolone

Dan Galvin

Dan Prince

Dennis Crandall

Dick Colombini

Don Grafe

Edward Grogans

Graham Rutherford

Jack DeMeo

Jerri Bonfigli

Jerry Robinson

Jim Wilkey

Joe Bertoli

Joe Dietzen

Joe F. Farrell

Joseph McNeany

Kevin Konicek

Mike Keefer

Mike Neal

Pat Fitzgerald

Pete Henderson

Richard Morehouse

Ritz Guggiana

Ryan Anderson

Steve Azevedo

Steve May

Thomas Bonfigli

Thomas Keefer

Thomas Webb

Tom Gamber

Tony Keefer


7 Things you can do to help elect Curtis Byrd

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1.  Tell your friends and neighbors why you’re voting for Curtis Byrd –– this might include an email, phone call or a knock on the door. A personal message goes a long way!

2.  Help us phone bank –– we’ve been at the doors and on the phone, and we’d love to have you join us! Going into GOTV we will need people on the phones to turn people out to vote. If you are interested, please contact our volunteer coordinator by email or by phone 707-338-8187.

3.  Write a letter to the Editor –– submit a statement expressing your reasons for supporting Curtis Byrd to the Press Democrat. Whether it is a brief statement or an entire paragraph, people want to hear from other members of the community.

4.  Make a donation – every dollar makes an impact! Please consider making a donation to our campaign so we can continue to reach out to the community. No donation is too small, $5, $10, $25, $50 . . . the limit for City Council is $500.

5.  Share Team Byrd’s Content on Facebook –– this is a great way to reach people in your social network. Please invite your friends to Like and Share our page!

6.  Change your Facebook photo –– as we lead up to GOTV, show your support by making Team Curtis’s logo your Facebook profile photo! Just click on the square image above, save it to your desktop, go to your Facebook profile, click edit your profile photo, and select the image!

7.  Request a Team Byrd bumper sticker –– a helpful reminder that the election is around the corner! Just contact our volunteer coordinator by email or by phone 707-338-8187 and provide your name and address. It will arrive in the mail shortly thereafter.

CURTIS BYRD – A Fresh Vision of Leaderhip

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 Curtis Byrd


Santa Rosa City Council

We need less conflict, and greater cooperation on the Santa Rosa City Council. Our community needs a peacemaker, and problem solver.

The life-long lessons learned from Little League, Cub and Boy scouts, my high school and college education, competing on a National Track and Field team, business experience with small and large companies and serving on the Santa Rosa Planning Commission apply to my qualifications for serving on the Santa Rosa City Council.

As a native Santa Rosan those intentions encompass preparation, practice, and performance.

Preparation means study the rules and understand the culture of the community in its historical and institutional framework.

Practice means individually, and as a team member, through continued development of my skills, with belief in the highest values and intent to serve.

Performance means to perform to the best and highest within me and to make a meaningful difference for the team (community).

Along the way, the most important lessons were learned within family, particularly Grandpa Gilbert Gray who took us to Sunday school and taught us about giving, sharing, service, and excellence.

Join with neighborhood leaders, clergy, seniors, Santa Rosa teachers, Sonoma County Democratic Party, friends, family and numerous elected officials, in supporting an experienced leader with A Fresh Vision of Leadership!

Together we can Make a Difference!

Signature Curtis

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